Day: September 13, 2020

How an unprecedented, indefinite crisis forced education leaders to change the ways school districts operate

Snowstorms. Hurricanes. Shootings. Educators and the students they serve have long been at the mercy of crises; most have some sort of plan for disasters.

But with coronavirus, a new national emergency forced districts to rewrite their playbooks. While it’s obvious how COVID-19 changed the structure of school, what’s less known is how districts had to overhaul their operations.

To continue working safely, they had to change, and fast: Lengthy in-person meetings went online, where districts had more control over interactions and public input. Transparency laws changed. Some districts, like Seattle Public Schools, enabled superintendents to spend large sums of money without bureaucracy through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. And many local districts did not let reporters observe their first days of classes, citing privacy concerns and technical issues.

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Schooling solutions amid COVID-19

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Liberty University tells staff members to distance themselves from Falwell

Liberty University staff members are being instructed to refrain from interacting with the school’s ousted president Jerry Falwell Jr., according to David Corry, the school’s general counsel.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. wearing a suit and tie: Liberty University tells staff members to distance themselves from Falwell

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Liberty University tells staff members to distance themselves from Falwell

Corry told staff in an email Thursday that Falwell made “uncomfortable” calls to some employees after his resignation from the university last week, The News & Advance reported Friday.

He said that any continuing discussions between Falwell and university staff could give the impression that he is still managing the school.

“This impression is not well received by our supporters who do not want Mr. Falwell to be running Liberty University behind the scenes,” Corry wrote in the email.

Falwell reportedly did not return a request for comment from News Advance.

Falwell, whose father founded the school, renounced his position last week following a recently revealed scandal alleging that his

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Nanotechnology-based biosensor for the detection of harmful bacteria in potable water

Sep 13, 2020

(Nanowerk News) Water distribution systems represent potential targets for terrorist activity because of the need for water in every sector of our industrialized society. The deliberate contamination of water reservoirs or pipes with biological agents such as pathogens or biotoxins might constitute a mass destruction bioweapon.

With this in mind, the SPS Multi-Year Project NANOtechnology inspired biosensor with photo-responsive Liquid Crystals – NANO-LC, launched in August 2020, aims at investigating a novel nanotechnology-based biosensor specifically utilized for the detection of harmful bacteria intentionally or unintentionally dispersed in potable water. Nanotechnology-based biosensor for the detection of harmful bacteria in potable water The nano-inspired device makes use of a chemically functionalized gold nanoparticle (Au NPs) array (for the selection of specific pathogens) layered with a photo-responsive liquid crystal (LC) film (for real-time detection) and with a microfluidic circuit. NANO-LC is part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme and contributes to NATO’s strategic objectives by
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Should your resume include all of your career experience?

Dear Sam: I am in my 50s and looking for ways to not show my age in my resume, which I think is adversely affecting my job search. I deleted the dates from my college degrees and also deleted my earliest job experience. However, I still show my employment dates for each of the jobs I have included, such as 2013-2020. Do you think this is a problem, and is there a right way to omit these dates without raising the suspicion of employment gaps? – John

Dear John: Omitting employment dates from all positions will raise enough red flags that it will likely prevent you from getting in the door every time. The omission of all dates will not raise questions about job gaps, but rather how much experience you have, and whether you have been working recently. You have taken the right approach in omitting your graduation year

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College football scores, NCAA top 25 rankings, Week 2: Texas’ Ehlinger, Oklahoma’s Rattler dominant in wins

The Big 12 began the day with an awful showing as Iowa State and Kansas State each lost at home to Sun Belt foes. But the league’s powers brought plenty of force later in the day as Oklahoma and Texas both cruised to easy wins. The Sooners jumped out to a 31-0 first quarter lead over Missouri State and glided to a 48-0 victory, while Texas scored on its first offensive play en route to a 59-3 win over UTEP.

Both programs have league title and College Football Playoff aspirations behind quarterbacks who are expected to have big seasons, and both delivered impressive opening performances. Oklahoma’s Spencer Rattler completed 14-of-17 passes for 291 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions while playing only two quarters in his first start for the Sooners. Not to be outdone, Texas’ Sam Ehlinger threw for 429 yards and five touchdowns … in one half. 


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