Day: October 1, 2020

The Spectrum Equity-backed video education platform Kajabi has already hit $60 million in ARR

Kajabi may not be an American household name, but users of the web hosting and video tech platform are now being seen in a lot of American households.

The company, initially bootstrapped and profitable since its launch, raised a minority investment from Spectrum Equity Partners last November, but that was merely icing on the cake for a business that had seen its user adoption surge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed that adoption even higher as work-from-home gigs yield to work-from-home side hustles and anyone and everyone decides to get in on on the online education and training action, the company said.

In the past year alone, the company has seen its run rate cross $60 million in August and the company hit over $1 billion in recorded transactions milestone in March, according to chief marketing officer Orlando Baeza, who previously served as a marketing executive at Buzzfeed and Paramount Pictures

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Student Blockade Protests Viktor Orban’s Reach at a Top Arts University

BUDAPEST — Nearly 100 students have occupied a key building of a prestigious Hungarian university for the past week to protest what they see as a takeover of their school by the autocratic government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a demonstration that has become a symbol of resistance to the country’s nationalist leadership.

The protest, at the University for Theater and Film Arts in central Budapest, has drawn shows of support from theater groups, students, actors and university faculties in Hungary and around Europe since dozens of students began the effort on Monday. On Sunday, thousands of demonstrators joined the students in forming a human chain stretching from the barricaded university building to the steps of Parliament, a distance of five kilometers, or about three miles.

The protesters passed down the line a document declaring the university’s autonomy, and its arrival at the Parliament steps caused jubilation among the demonstrators.

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Fact check: It is not known how many illegal immigrants are in the UK

A post shared more than 46,000 times on Facebook has claimed that there are two million illegal immigrants in the UK. This is misleading, as although the exact number of illegal immigrants in the UK is unknown, various estimates put the number well below two million.

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS

In full, the post reads: “There’s no point in locking us down when there are 2million illegals wandering around the UK & our borders are still open” (here) .

The exact number of illegal immigrants in Britain is not known, and challenges in creating reliable estimates means the government has not published any official figures since the mid-2000s (here ) .

In 2005, a Home Office report estimated that there were between 310,000 to 570,000 unauthorized migrants living in the UK in 2001 (pdf file: .

Since then, several organizations have independently pursued research into the topic. A range

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From Microsoft VP to law student: What this exec’s career transition says about AI and the law

Mike Angiulo, a former Microsoft vice president, is now in his third year at the University of Washington law school. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

Mike Angiulo worked at Microsoft for 25 years as an engineering manager and vice president for products including Windows PCs, Microsoft Outlook, Xbox, Surface, and cloud and artificial intelligence technologies. But it was actually not the work Angiulo originally envisioned doing. He had planned to be a lawyer, delaying those plans after he started at Microsoft in his early 20s.

Now, at age 47, nearly three decades later, he’s circling back to his original plan — going back to school and preparing for a second career, as a lawyer focused on some of the most interesting and difficult questions facing the same types of technologies that he helped to create for so many years.

“I am a big believer that just the prevalence of big

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Coaches Poll top 25: Ohio State at No. 10 as Big Ten returns to college football rankings


In a year that is truly unlike any other in college football, we have hit a period of confusion and disagreement as it pertains to ranking teams. No. 1 Clemson remains the top team in the new Coaches Poll after improving to 2-0 with a 49-0 win against The Citadel, but it is not clear how the coaches who vote have decided to rank the Big Ten teams who just this week announced their fall 2020 schedule. 

The Big Ten, Pac-12, Mountain West and MAC were removed from consideration when the first update to the preseason rankings was released after Week 2, but in the week since we have gotten the Big Ten announcements that it would be playing and doing so with an eight-game fall 2020 schedule. Teams like Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan won’t be playing until Oct. 24, but the rankings have included plenty of

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