Day: October 2, 2020

Thailand’s ‘Bad Students’ Demand Education Reform | World News

By Jiraporn Kuhakan and Chayut Setboonsarng

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s “Bad Student” campaigners toured Bangkok high schools in a truck on Friday in a protest cheered on by pupils to demand education reform and an end to the harassment of students and of school rules they say are outdated.

The school demonstrations are part of an anti-government protest movement that has been growing since July and is also demanding greater democracy. Some campaigners seek reforms to the powerful monarchy too.

“Stop the harassment of students, cancel outdated rules, and give us comprehensive education reform,” said Laponpat Wangpaisit, an activist from the group that calls itself “Bad Student” outside one Bangkok school.

From behind school gates, pupils cheered the protesters, sang songs mocking school rules and gave the three-finger salute of pro-democracy campaigners. At one school, pupils put a sign on the gate saying: “Teachers at this school harass students.”


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Newcastle University students’ data held to ransom by cyber criminals | Science & Tech News

Newcastle University is being held to ransom by cyber criminals in an attack which has been disrupting IT systems since the beginning of the month.

The cyber crime group behind the attack – known as DoppelPaymer – previously leaked documents online relating to Elon Musk’s companies SpaceX and Tesla.

The criminals have posted stolen files from the university online and are threatening to release more, exposing student and staff data unless they receive a ransom payment, according to a post on Twitter and their darkweb site.

Newcastle University has alerted the UK’s data watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, as well as the police.

In a statement on its website, the university said “it will take several weeks” to address the issues, and that many IT services will not be operating during this period.

A third party has been brought in to conduct an incident response investigation into the cyber attack,

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Astronauts on the ISS are hunting for the source of another mystery air leak

To find the exact location of the leak in Zvezda so it can be repaired, Cassidy and his crewmates will have to spend some time floating around the module with a handheld device called an ultrasonic leak detector, which spots frequencies that are emitted by airflow as it rushes out small holes and cracks. Noise on the station can make it more difficult to detect these frequencies, and the crew may have to run through areas a few times to actually find the source. One company wants to improve on this strategy by deploying an automated robot that can “listen” for leaks and identify them in real time, without the need of a human hand. Once they have found the source of the leak, they will patch it up with a kit using epoxy resin.

Leaks can also occur in other ways besides a loss of oxygen. The ISS has 

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Colts’ Rivers throws 400th career touchdown pass

Philip Rivers became the sixth quarterback in NFL history to throw 400 career touchdown passes when he connected with Indianapolis Colts teammate Mo Alie-Cox on a 1-yard scoring pass in the second quarter against the New York Jets on Sunday.

The pass to his tight end on first-and-goal from the Jets 1-yard line gave Indianapolis a 14-7 lead with 14:13 left in the first half.

Rivers also became the sixth player to reach 60,000 career passing yards when he completed an 11-yard pass to Nyheim Hines on the Colts’ final offensive play of the first half. He finished with 217 passing yards and the one TD pass in the Colts’ 36-7 rout of the Jets, leaving him with 60,065 passing yards.

Rivers is in his first season with the Colts after spending 16 seasons with the Chargers — the first 13 in San Diego, the last three in Los Angeles.

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