Day: October 6, 2020

Our endorsements: The Sun offers its choices for regents, state Board of Education, Clark County Commission and Clark County School Board races


Las Vegas Sun

The Clark County Government Center is seen Friday, Sept. 27, 2013.

Editor’s note: Candidates receiving the Sun’s endorsements are listed in bold type.


The Sun will preface our endorsements here by saying the most important vote regarding the Board of Regents will be on Ballot Question 1 — the measure that would pave the way for reform of the higher-education system by removing the regents from the state constitution.

We’ll write far more about this issue, but the upshot is that it’s time for the regents and the system’s administrative overlords to be brought under control. As is, the way the regents were written into the Nevada Constitution has created confusion over the years about the extent of the board’s authority, with the regents at times claiming it makes the higher-ed system a separate, fourth branch

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Despite COVID-19, University of Georgia, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech Thirsty for In-Person Classes

As the number of coronavirus cases exploded across the University of Georgia’s Athens campus in late August, some faculty began asking department heads about shifting from in-person classes to an online curriculum. 

After fielding several requests, one faculty chair emailed a dire warning to members of his department: the university would reject any official requests to switch to online learning. And if professors attempted to switch unofficially, the state university system was prepared to track them down.

“I’ve been advised that physical audits (by USG auditors) may take place that check to see that… the class is meeting the day/time/classroom that is listed in the instructional plan,” the chair wrote in an email obtained by The Daily Beast on the condition that the author not be identified. USG refers to University System of Georgia, the governing body of the state’s 26 public universities.

Objections from students taking the classes,

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Army network shortens sensor-to-shooter ‘kill web’ to 20 seconds

The Army’s Project Convergence 2020 sought to bring new, explosive “warfare at speed” dimensions to future combat as part of a broad transformational attempt to surge in front of competitors and near-peer rivals with accelerated networking and sensor-to-shooter times … designed to enable an entirely new generation of warfare possibilities.

The network consists of many interwoven technical elements to include software-defined radio, high-bandwidth, radio-generated data links, satellite connectivity and, of course, synchronized databases with high-powered computer processing. These constituent elements need the proper interface to ensure both sustained connectivity and continued modernization possibilities. With the proper standards and technical infrastructure, disparate communications avenues can interoperate.

At one point during the exercise, satellite connections tied to Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) in Washington state were accessed to locate enemy targets at Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona.

“We are looking at how we can use satellites to enhance the speed of targeting,” Army

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Keys to Victory: Boston College

An Effective Restart

Something that has been very apparent in Mack Brown’s interviews leading up to this weekend’s game is that he is concerned with how the team will respond to ostensibly beginning the season again.

“We’ve got to completely start over,” said Brown.

“I think the reason you improve so much between game one and game two is you go right back to work, correct all your mistakes, and you’re back into practice mode.”

Brown has also highlighted the positives that have come with the three-week break, however. The two ways that has specifically helped them is youth development and injury recovery. UNC is still a young football team and is needing to play several freshman and sophomores in important roles. This time have given those players chances to get reps and study the playbook. It often takes several weeks for young players to work into the rotation in

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