Day: October 14, 2020

Pandemic Drives Working Americans to Seek Further Education

New survey from Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions® reveals value of education opportunities, including promoting equity in the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic ignited a shift in how working Americans view continuing education, according to a new survey commissioned by Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions® (NYSE: BFAM). The survey revealed the 85% of full and part-time employed Americans feel employers need to rethink their benefits offerings in light of the pandemic.

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What are employees looking for in this current climate? Education opportunities. 78% of working Americans believe the pandemic has increased the need for companies to support their employees with education benefits, including tuition reimbursement for degree and non-degree programs and student loan repayment programs.

What’s more, education benefits are not only driving employee motivation, but they may be a key factor in promoting workplace equality. According to the survey, nearly

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Watch Career Timeline | ‘Joker’ Make-Up Artist Breaks Down Her Career | Vanity Fair Video


When the producers came to me and asked me,


hey, by the way, in a few months


we’re gonna do this other job and make sure you’re available


And then when I found out it was the Joker,


I was like, oh my God, the Joker,


How the hell am I gonna do that?


I approach it like painting to make people interesting


rather than beautiful.


Hi, this is Nicki Lederman.


And this is the timeline of my career.


I wanted to be an opera singer,


and I went to a performing high school


of the arts in Germany, in Munich.


And I truly thought I would become a musician.


When I saw the exorcist, that was really my turning point,


because, when I saw just Linda Blair’s head turn,


and I was

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College football rankings: Oklahoma falls into The Bottom 25 after losing second straight game

25. Louisville 1-2 The Cardinals had last weekend off and hung steady on the edge of our rankings. This week it’s a road game against No. 19 Georgia Tech. (Last Week: 25) 24. Oklahoma 1-2 I wrote a bit about my biggest problem with Oklahoma during its loss to Iowa State on Saturday already. Here, I’ll just say that I do not expect Oklahoma to hang around The Bottom 25 for long, but it’s also not out of the question to think this team could lose its next two games against Texas and TCU if it doesn’t get its act together. (Not Ranked) 23. Wake Forest 1-2 The Deacs got into the win column by beating up on Campbell 66-14, but that’s not enough to get out of The Bottom 25. A win this weekend against Virginia might be. (10) 22. Texas State 1-3 My Beloved Bobcats had the weekend
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