How Much Rip Capacity Do I Need on a Table Saw

A table saw comes with a variety of features and specifications, including rip capacity. If

A table saw comes with a variety of features and specifications, including rip capacity. If you feel it a bit confusing, you should keep in mind that it’s a simple ​metric. There is no accurate measurement of rip capacity, although we can set a standard.

When you’re pushing the wood through the saw blade, you need to consider the rip capacity of your saw. Most woodworkers may agree that table saws are one of the best pieces of equipment for ripping wood. The rip capacity may vary, depending on the sizes of projects.

​If you are a novice woodworker, only purchasing the best table saw for beginners won’t be enough for you. You have to know how much rip capacity you need for the particular project. In this article, we’re going to talk about this matter. Hopefully, this article is going to be useful to you.


Rip Capacity on Table Saw

​The spaces between the table saw blade and fence are usually called Rip Capacity. It has no exact measures, but we can only make a standard as our needs.

You can remove the table saw fence to have a much larger rip capacity. But, without the fence, you can hardly maintain a straight line while cutting wood.


How Much Rip Capacity Do You Need on a Table Saw

In reply to this question, we can say that there is no specific measurement of rip capacity. You should keep in mind how you plan to operate your table saw. How much rip capacity you require entirely depends on the type of projects you work.

For instance, you’re probably looking to have a table saw that comes with 24-inch rip capacity when you’re a framing contractor. A sheet of plywood is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. To cut that piece of plywood lengthwise, you need this measurement.

Again, if you’re doing woodworking projects, you may not need 24-inch rip capacity. 22-inch or less rip capacity can be enough for you. For smaller types of projects, this measurement will be suitable for woodworkers.


Can You Increase the Rip Capacity on a Table Saw

According to your projects, the rip capacity of your table saw may vary. You may find the three many ways to enhance the table saw’s rip capacity: At first, it may require some modification to the actual ​saw, adding a larger table to the side of your table saw.

Secondly, you can also modify your current saw fence to get a little bit more rip capacity. Besides, ​the third way to increase the rip capacity is to purchase a table saw that comes with a built-in larger rip capacity.



After all, the rip capacity of a table saw is essential when you’re running different ripping projects. If you’re still a newbie in this field, you may choose a low quality and inexpensive table saw that doesn’t have a large rip capacity. So, always try to select the best product.