Kenzie Ziegler Had the Perfect Response to Abby Lee Miller Shading Her Online

From Cosmopolitan Abby Lee Miller shaded Kenzie Ziegler for competing as a celebrity on Dancing

From Cosmopolitan

  • Abby Lee Miller shaded Kenzie Ziegler for competing as a celebrity on Dancing With the Stars Juniors.

  • Kenzie responded to Abby Lee’s shade previously when Abby mocked her singing career.

If you watched Dance Moms even one time, you know Abby Lee Miller has a rather…interesting (and by that I mean absolutely complicated) relationship with the girls she teaches. In addition to coaching, Abby Lee would often belittle her dancers and make them feel bad to the point where they’d end up in literal tears, but I digress. Despite that, Abby Lee talks about them in a group chat sometimes—including alum Kenzie Ziegler.

TikTokRoom was able to obtain some screen grabs of messages that Abby sent to a Dance Moms group chat, where she made some uncalled for comments about Kenzie’s stint on Dancing With the Stars Juniors back in 2018. (FYI, Kenzie finished the show in second place and signed onto the show as a celeb because she has no experience in professional ballroom dancing, though Abby Lee couldn’t seem to understand that.)

“Why would an amazing dancer be an amateur on a talent competition with children who never danced? Can anyone answer that?” Abby asked the group chat, later adding, “I’m guessing you all would have rather there had never been a TV show called Dance Moms!”

Abby Lee also mocked Kenzie’s budding singing career in a YouTube video, and Kenzie responded by saying, “Love when people can’t keep my name out of their mouth just to stay relevant.”

Dance Moms drama aside, Kenzie has still made headlines, but not all for good reasons. She’s recently been accused of using the N-word, mocking Asian people, and previously dating a racist ex. She made an apology on Instagram but also said some of the accusations are just false.

Abby Lee, on the other hand, was called out by former Dance Moms mothers for being racist towards their children and later apologized.

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