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Photo credit: Elle UK From ELLE Thursday 06, August With the Moon in Pisces work

Photo credit: Elle UK
Photo credit: Elle UK


Thursday 06, August

With the Moon in Pisces work is your only cure, Libra. You’re a bit obsessed with details and can flip from project to project in your mind. As orderly as you’d like to be, this could be a messy process at the moment, thanks to the presence of Neptune. Make time for wellness because it’s just as important as your to-do list.

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Wednesday 05, August

The planet in charge of talking and thinking is on the move into your social zone today. You’ve gotten so used to Mercury’s presence in your house of professional endeavors, as difficult as it’s been over the last few months. But this is a whole new and much-improved vibe, Libra. Give your squad a shout-out and keep up the conversation for the next few weeks.

Tuesday 04, August

The planet of passion is in a row with Jupiter, the planet of big life questions. This hyper-stimulating Mars energy is in your relationship zone for the long haul, so notice what you feel for the next few days – this will tell a story about what may unfold into the fall. Act on what you want, Libra – don’t bury it.

Monday 03, August

The Full Moon in Aquarius is a friendly lunation for you, as it takes place in your sister air sign. Yet it’s not any less intense, Libra, and love, romance and creativity are the topics on the table. You might feel temporarily melancholic simply because you’ve been missing this part of your life in the last six months. But rest assured that acknowledging this can change everything – let it go and the love will be there.

Sunday 02, August

The planet of shock and surprise is in a tight square with the Sun in your social zone today. This can bring something totally unexpected from a group of friends, either IRL or online. The thing is that this can liberate you, Libra, in ways that you never hoped for or expected. Open your mind in ways that scare you.

Saturday 01, August

With Mercury and Pluto in an intense opposition on the first day of August, you’re reminded of the transformations your career and home life have undergone in recent months. If you’re holding on to any remnants of the past that don’t fit your new reality, it can cause some stress, so opt to let go instead.

Friday 31, July

Today’s lunation is all about your home and family. If your vulnerabilities are activated, don’t be afraid to have the conversation. Even if it’s difficult, it’s essential to come to terms with where you have felt taken for granted or pushed too far. You tend to be the one to adapt and accommodate, sometimes to your own detriment.

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