Riots. Radicalism. Corruption. Trump and Biden supporters turn to apocalyptic themes in campaign ad wars.

WASHINGTON – Cities on fire. Rioters clashing with baton-wielding cops. Bodies stacking up in makeshift graves.

A trailer for the latest apocalyptic blockbuster? No, just some of the latest volleys on social media and television as the ad wars boil over between President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden and their often deep-pocketed allies.

Attack ads were traditionally reserved for the final weeks of a campaign, when the vast majority of voters had settled on a candidate and there was less to lose by attacking rivals.

But the middle of summer has seen a barrage of aggressive ads, such as a Trump campaign TV ad painting Biden as a clueless puppet of the chaos-fomenting socialist left or a viral video ad from the progressive group Really American labeling the president’s law-and-order agenda as “Gestapo Trump.”

Ross Baker, a political science professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said he

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Why College Is Never Coming Back

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By Stephen McBride

Here’s some great news: one of America’s most broken industries is finally being exposed as a sham. And make no mistake, the end of college as we know it is a great thing.

It’s great for families, who’ll save money and take on less debt putting kids through school. It’s great for kids, who’ll no longer be lured into the socialist indoctrination centers that many American campuses have become. And as I’ll show you, it’s great for investors, who stand to make a killing on the companies that’ll disrupt college for good.

But Stephen, how can you be against education?! I love learning, but I hate what college has become. As recently as 1980, you could get a four-year bachelor’s degree at a public school for less than $10,000. These days, it’ll cost you $40,000 at a minimum, $140,000

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Joe Biden considering candidates to be vice presidential nominee

Presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden is getting closer to naming the woman who would serve as his vice president if he wins November’s US election.

His campaign has not set a date for the announcement and there is still time for the contenders and their advocates to make appeals to Mr Biden, who is 77 and would be the oldest person elected president if he wins the race to the Oval Office.

Mr Biden, who himself served as vice president to Barack Obama, had initially indicated in May he would make a decision around August 1 but campaign sources now suggest a decision could come in the week starting on August 10.

That is one week before the party convention formalises Mr Biden’s nomination to challenge President Donald Trump for the keys to the White House.

Running mates are often announced on the eve of a convention.

(PA Graphics)
(PA Graphics)
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Best Coffee Makers for College

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Whether college means in-person or online classes this year, great coffee can help students get up and running. Make it easy to get a fix with a quality coffee maker. At Consumer Reports, we test both full-sized and single-serve coffee makers. Each type has its advantages.

“Full-sized coffee makers brew a stronger cup and offer more features,” says Ginny Lui, CR’s test engineer for coffee makers. “Single-serve machines are a great option if you want to brew a cup quickly.”

In our tests, full-sized coffee makers typically take about 10 minutes to brew a full pot, and some are even faster. But if you need your cup of joe as quickly as possible, try a self-serve drip machine or a single-serve model that uses disposable pods.

For drip coffee makers, we conduct a brew-performance test to measure the brew

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Joe Biden nears final decision on running mate

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Joe Biden nears the announcement of his vice presidential choice, the top contenders and their advocates are making final appeals.

The campaign hasn’t finalized a date for naming a running mate, but three people who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the plans said a public announcement likely wouldn’t happen before the week of Aug. 10. That’s one week before Democrats will hold their convention to officially nominate Biden as their presidential nominee.

Biden said in May that he hoped to name his pick around Aug. 1 and told reporters this week that he would “have a choice in the first week of August.” He notably stopped short of saying when he would announce that choice.

Running mates are often announced on the eve of a convention. As he prepares to make his choice, a committee established to vet possible running mates has provided Biden

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As Democrat Biden’s running mate search nears end, contenders jockey for position

By Joseph Ax and Trevor Hunnicutt

(Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to interview the finalists to be his running mate in the coming days, according to a person familiar with the process, as allies of the top contenders redoubled their efforts to push Biden toward their favored choice.

The announcement is not likely to come next week, according to two other people familiar with the matter. Biden and his vice presidential selection will formally accept the party’s nomination at the Democrats’ national convention, scheduled for Aug. 17-20, and he is expected to announce his pick before it begins.

U.S. Representative Karen Bass, a Black lawmaker from California who was not seen as a candidate early on, has risen to the top tier alongside two other Black women, Senator Kamala Harris and former national security adviser Susan Rice, according to Democratic officials and Biden allies.

A half

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Rihanna says she felt like a ‘clown’ in 2015 Met dress

In a new interview, Rihanna opens up about how nervous she felt before hitting the red carpet at the 2015 Met Gala

After delivering one of the most memorable looks at the 2015 Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, better known as the Met Gala, singer Rihanna reveals how nervous she was before strutting down that red carpet.

READ MORE: Rihanna says new music coming ‘sooner than you think’

“Oh my God, I’m a clown, people are going to laugh at me, this is too much,” she remembers.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood to promote her newest beauty brand Fenty Skin, the multi-hyphenate talent says she was overwhelmed by the now-iconic moment.

“I remember being so scared to get out of that car because I felt like, ‘I’m doing too much,’ remembers the “Pour It Up” singer. She continues “Finally, I was like,

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International Influencer Yi Zhou on Her Career as an Artist, Entrepreneur and Filmmaker

Born in Shanghai, raised in Rome and educated in London and Paris, Yi Zhou is more than just your average social media influencer. Despite having Tommy Hilfiger as a mentor and working with major brands such as Chanel, Levi Strauss & Co. and Shiseido, Zhou is most well known for her career as a multimedia artist. Her installations and short films have been featured at Shanghai Biennale, Venice Biennale, Sundance Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

In addition to her artistic talents, Zhou is also a successful entrepreneur. After relocating to China in 2010, she founded the brand management and content creation company YiZhouStudio in Shanghai and Hong Kong. In 2017, Zhou brought the company to Los Angeles and in the same year also founded a new fashion and lifestyle brand, Global Intuition, which debuted at Fred Segal in 2019.

In addition to growing her fashion line, Zhou is

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Distance Learning, Then In-Person For Manhattan Beach Schools


July 31, 2020

To the MBUSD Community,

To begin, thank you to our Steering Committee and our two subcommittees, comprised of 100+ employees, parents, and students, who have provided us with so much information, perspective, and creativity. The reopening of MBUSD schools will be far better because of their collective efforts. We are implementing the work we agreed to, and will reconvene this group to discuss new developments and challenges related to our plans.

After a long meeting on Wednesday night, the Board voted to start the 2020-21 school year in distance learning, and then to return to in-person school in phases. There is no set timeline as to when the phases will occur, but the primary determinant will be the level and trajectory of Covid-19 cases in LA County and in our surrounding area. I agree with our Governor and our health department that at

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Rutgers, The State Univ. of New Jersey, NJ — Moody’s withdraws P-1 rating on Rutgers University, NJ’s CP Series E in conjunction with SBPA expiration

Rating Action: Moody’s withdraws P-1 rating on Rutgers University, NJ’s CP Series E in conjunction with SBPA expiration

New York, July 31, 2020 — Moody’s Investors Service has withdrawn the P-1 rating on Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey’s (NJ) General Obligation Commercial Paper Series E (Federally Taxable), in conjunction with the expiration of the standby bank purchase agreement (SBPA) associated with this series of commercial paper. We maintain a P-1 rating on General Obligation Commercial Paper Series A (Tax-Exempt), Series B (Tax-Exempt), Series C (Federally Taxable), and Series D (Extendable Tax-Exempt), which are supported by a separate SBPA. We also maintain Aa3 and Aa3/VMIG 1 on approximately $2.1 billion of outstanding debt as well as the Aa3 on proposed approximately $200 million General Obligation Refunding Bonds, 2020 Series S (Federally Taxable), which was assigned on February 24, 2020. The outlook for the long-term underlying debt is stable.

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