The Spin: Politics and Chicago’s hazardous air pollution | Ald. Carrie Austin says she has COVID-19

With no COVID-19 vaccine or surefire treatment in sight, the Chicago Marathon has been canceled for the second time in its history.

It comes as Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot watch spikes in cases across the country and offer their own reminders that people should wear a mask and take other measures as we see a slow rise in new cases here.

And we’re some 130 days away from the November election, but COVID-19 is already leaving its print on the ballot box in Chicago, where a record 121,000 voters have requested mail-in ballots.

And, if it makes any difference, Chicago’s Chance the Rapper is endorsing fellow Chicago musician and onetime MAGA-hat-wearing Kanye West’s long shot presidential bid.

My colleague Michael Hawthorne examines how Chicago just notched its longest streak of lung-damaging, life-shortening high-pollution days in more than a decade. While the Trump administration has agreed, on some

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