P-Valley ‘s Nicco Annan: Inside My Self-Care Routine

Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Nicco Annan fan club. Get comfortable ’cause it’s the first of many. 

In case you aren’t watching one of the best new shows of the year, Annan is the breakout star of Starz’ revolutionary drama P-Valley, starring as Uncle Clifford, the gender-fluid strip-club owner who happens to steal every scene he’s in  and looks flawless while doing so. 

And it turns out Annan is just as fabulous—if not more so—than his character. In this week’s installment of E!’s Wellness Wednesday series, the actor opens up about his self-care routine, revealing his go-to indulgences, his favorite way to break a sweat and what is making him happy right now.

Plus, his answer to what he can’t go to bed without doing every day will definitely cause your eyes to rain, just warning you now. 

Affirmation or Mantra You Tell Yourself: 
“I am enough.”

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