Detection of genomic regions associated with tiller number in Iranian bread wheat under different water regimes using genome-wide association study

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    Variety, African American Film Critics Association and LACES Launch Micheaux Project Outreach Program

    Variety, the African American Film Critics Association and the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies have partnered to create the Micheaux Project, an outreach program aimed at encouraging high school students from underrepresented communities to consider careers as entertainment journalists and critics.

    Inspired by WriteGirl/BoldInk’s successful workshops and mentorship programs, the Micheaux Project will bring professional entertainment writers, editors and critics to LACES, a Los Angeles Unified School District magnet school for grades 6-12, to expose students to career paths they may never have considered. Topics discussed will include how to do an interview, work a red carpet, write a news story, shoot and edit multimedia packages, find your voice as a critic and other practical aspects of entertainment journalism. The eight-week program, led by Variety’s David Cohen, stresses hands-on work in small groups, with journalists as peers and mentors, not teachers giving lectures.

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    “With the

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