USPS says some absentee ballots may not arrive in time; it’s the final weekend for massive Sturgis bike rally

The United States Postal Service has warned almost every state that deadlines for early voting may mean some ballots cannot be delivered in time to be counted.

Many states have put new emphasis on early voting by mail because many voters may not want to go to the polls in person because of the pandemic. The warning, blamed by the USPS on changes to limit overtime and increase efficiency, has prompted charges that the move by the Trump administration is politically motivated. 

Though President Donald Trump has unleashed a barrage of attacks on “universal” mail voting,  few states are actually planning that in November: Only nine states and the District of Columbia so far plan to automatically send ballots to all voters. Even in these states, in-person voting will remain an option.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says people who have had COVID-19 within the past

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