BBC wants to play a bigger role in children’s education

James Purnell - Paul Grover
James Purnell – Paul Grover

The BBC should take a greater role in children’s education and replace some of the “traditional” elements of teaching, one of its senior executives has suggested.

James Purnell, head of radio and education, said the BBC had created such excellent online content for schoolchildren during the Covid-19 crisis that it had changed the game.

The BBC now has “a huge opportunity” to increase its reach in the education field, he said.

“I wonder if a Rubicon has been crossed now. I think for lots of us who grew up in a more traditional educational environment, we thought school was something that happened in a classroom with people talking.

“And that’s always going to be there but I think we’re going to have a mix of the two,” Purnell said during a virtual event for the Royal Television Society.

“Are we going to have a world…

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