Colleges’ best-laid coronavirus plans quickly come undone

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is ending in-person instruction for undergrads just a week after reopening, after dozens of students living in dorms and a fraternity house tested positive for coronavirus.

UNC is hardly the only institution experiencing an uptick in infections within days of students returning to campus. Bethel College in North Newton, Kan., reported a cluster of 46 confirmed cases of Covid-19 through mandatory entry testing. Officials said 482 people have been tested and many still await their results. At Oklahoma State University, a sorority house is under quarantine after reporting 23 cases.

The University of Notre Dame is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases, too. More than a quarter of its 58 confirmed cases rolled in over the weekend. University officials said the the vast majority of new cases could be “traced to a single off-campus gathering.”

Only a fraction of colleges have started

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