The scenes on Bournemouth beach make Britain look like the jackass of the world

“It doesn’t matter what we do these vile idiots will ignore rules,” tweeted Vikki Slade, the Liberal Democrat leader of Bournemouth Council, who justifiably described the behaviour of the hordes the heatwave brought to her town as “disgusting”.

She was conversing online with Laura Miller, a Conservative from Dorset Council, who reported being sworn at and spat at. “We are trying everything we can- signs, road closures, ticketing, education, you make it but it doesn’t work. (sic) They don’t care,” Miller opined.

The appalling scenes on their beaches flashed around the world, making Britain look like a global jackass in the process. Plus ca change.


This country’s Covid-19 death toll may have mercifully come down, but it bears repeating that 154 people were still added to the grim total of 43,081 dead on the day the self-centred throngs chucked even relaxed social distancing rules out the window and proceeded to defecate on them. That is when they weren’t fouling the beaches the poor councillors were left to survey (and to try to clean up).

Several European nations have successfully got their daily death tolls down to zero and yet their citizens still appear minded to behave in a more cautious and public spirited manner than Britain’s bad apples.

“While the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus, it seems UK beach-goers have forgotten it even exists,” said an Australian news site. “We thought the crowds at Bondi Beach were bad but UK beachgoers have taken things to the

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