‘Emotional support K-pop boys’ help fans with their mental health

‘Emotional support K-pop boys’ help fans with their mental health
‘Emotional support K-pop boys’ help fans with their mental health

“Every time I see him I feel like the sun is shining on my face.”

L. Gissele has three emotional support K-pop boys: Kim Namjoon aka RM from BTS, Bang Chan from Stray Kids, and Johnny Suh from NCT 127.


“[Namjoon’s] words speak to me and he motivates me to always do better and to aim big. To always challenge myself,” the 18-year-old Panamanian told Mashable via DM. “[Chan] has been there for me at my lowest point in life. He makes me remember that depression does not define me and that I can get through everything.”

And Johnny? “Seeing him smile makes me happy.”

Feeling a strong attachment to or drawing strength from a specific idol isn’t unusual in K-pop fandom. Commonly called “emotional support K-pop boys,” these artists inspire and reassure people through their music, livestreams,

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The Kids of Boys State Are a Mirror of Our Political Horrorshow (But They Still Might Just Save Us All)

The temptation, while watching Jesse Moss’ and Amanda McBaine’s endlessly compelling documentary Boys State, is to look upon our nation’s youth and despair. This immersive piece of verite —like the filmmakers’ previous work, The Overnighters, the film makes you feel as if you are experiencing it in real time—chronicles the 2018 edition of a nationwide summer program sponsored by the American Legion that encourages a gathering of civic-minded high schoolers to create a government platform from scratch. It features apple-cheeked kids stabbing each other in the back, purposely bending the truth to win elections and, at one point, actively sharing racist memes to demean and diminish an opponent.

But, as the old commercial goes: They learned it from watching you, Dad. To see these clearly intelligent, ambitious kids almost subconsciously demean their values in the pursuit of power for power’s sake is to see the excesses and moral failings

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The Boys season 2 release date, new trailers, new posters, and more

One month to go until The Boys season 2 speeds back on to Amazon Prime. Much like A-Train’s usual sprints, the lead-up to the superhero show’s return has left a bloody trail in its wake.

There are new trailers, new posters, and buckets upon buckets of blood to sift through. Below, we’ve rounded up every single thing you need to know about the upcoming season. We’ve even sweated the small stuff, including leaked episode titles, an episode count, and a brief peek at the tweaked release schedule.

It’s all here in our complete guide to The Boys season 2.

All the new news from The Boys’ Comic-Con panel

The Boys brought the goods to a fairly subdued Comic-Con 2020. Not only was there a surprise season 3 announcement alongside news of an aftershow hosted by Aisha Tyler, we also got a completely OTT first look at one of The Boys

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The Boys season 2 release date, new footage, short film, and more

The problem with following The Boys is that one minute you think you’ve seen all season 2 has to offer and – in an A-Train style blink of an eye – there’s enough to fill the vaults of Vought Seven times over.

But we’ve just about caught up from not only the Amazon Prime show’s big SDCC panel, plus all the fallout from it too. 

We’ve got the latest and greatest quotes, news of a season 2 supplementary aftershow, and even what I can only describe as the most WTF clip in The Boys history down below. Which is saying something.

With September fast approaching, we’ve even put together a quick guide on everything you need to know about The Boys season 2. There’s a new release schedule for one thing, plus images, episode titles, and a diabolical tease from the likes of Karl Urban of what’s to come later … Read More

The Boys season 2 release date, new trailer, SDCC panel, and everything else we know

 The Boys season 2
The Boys season 2

The Boys season 2 is looking diabolical. And that’s a good thing. With the likes of Hughie actor Jack Quaid talking up the upcoming eight-episode run as even more insane than the debut season and confirmation of a short film on the way, there’s probably never been a better time to be a fan of The Boys. This week alone we’ve got a SDCC panel to look forward to – with potential new footage and reveals on the way.

For those who need a cheat sheet, though, on everything that’s been announced so far, we’ve got you covered before Comic-Con delivers the grisly goods. Every single second of new footage, trailers, and every new character soaring to our screens in September is all here. Yep, all of it. That even includes the nitty-gritty stuff that we’ve had to do some serious digging for: episode titles, Seth

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The Boys season 2 release date, new trailer, episode titles, and everything else we know

There’s so much going on with The Boys right now that it’s hard to keep track. In recent days alone, a new season 2 trailer has flown into our laps, alongside news that Billy Butcher will be getting his own short film in just a few months.

But that’s just the cherry on top of an incredibly sweary, completely NSFW cake. In case you’ve missed out on the wave of news surrounding The Boys season 2 before the latest announcements, we’ve managed to round them all up into one easy-to-use guide. Everything from release dates, to new cast members, and even all eight episode titles is all here. Enjoy, ya bloody diabolical rascals.

Watch the new trailer for The Boys season 2

There’s a new trailer for The Boys season 2 and in case you (somehow) had doubts that the show would go off the rails, you can rest easy

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