Face Masks And Face Coverings: Your Absolutely Bumper Guide

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Off to the shops today? Don’t forget your face covering. It’s now mandatory to wear one in shops and on public transport in some parts of the UK, while strongly advised in others. Those caught without one may face fines and even be barred from entering shops and takeaways.

With face coverings being a pretty new concept for most (and plenty of mixed messaging over the past few months), it can be confusing knowing where to begin when wearing one – and why you’d even bother.

That’s why we’ve pulled together all of the latest information into one place to help you on your way to face cover greatness.


We Can’t Wear Face Masks, Don’t Shame Us, Say Those With Invisible Illnesses

(Photo: Iuliia Korniievych via Getty Images)
(Photo: Iuliia Korniievych via Getty
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