Coronavirus ‘will be a jumping-off point for change’: Temple University CFO

The COVID-19 pandemic and the political ramifications that come with it have forced many universities to make tough, many hard financial decisions. 

The Trump administration’s plans to strip international students’ visas if their universities and institutions continue online-only instruction would force over 1 million students to leave or be deported. 

Ken Kaiser, Chief Financial Officer at Temple University, joined Yahoo Finance’s “On the Move” to discuss the adverse impact COVID-19 and the administration’s plan would have on not only his school but institutions all over the U.S. 

“The bottom line is that these international students pay for a public university like Temple out of state tuition. And that is a significant driver for our net tuition revenue at the University. So it is a big concern,” says Kaiser, who tells Yahoo Finance that Temple University is trying to work out partnerships with other international universities where the school’s foreign students

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