‘Trolls World Tour’ star Flula Borg on sugar-rush recordings and the future of cinemas (exclusive)

Flula Borg voices yodelling troll Dickory in 'Trolls World Tour'. (Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Universal)
Flula Borg voices yodelling troll Dickory in ‘Trolls World Tour’. (Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Universal)

Trolls World Tour voice actor Flula Borg has admitted he was “terrified” when Universal opted to release the film on-demand rather than in cinemas.

The studio opted not to delay the film in the early days of the coronavirus lockdown and instead used the animated sequel as a guinea pig for the new “premium video-on-demand” model.

Fortunately for all involved, the move proved a money-spinning success story — albeit one that sparked conflict with cinema chains.

Borg, who played yodelling troll Dickory in the colourful musical, told Yahoo Movies UK he was concerned about those who devoted years to working on the movie.

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“As you know, I didn’t have a huge role, but there are people who have spent thousands of hours on this film,” said the 38-year-old musician

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