Colorado State Players Claim Football Coaches Intimidated Them for Following COVID Restrictions

Doug Pensinger/Getty

Colorado State University football players say the school’s athletic department downplayed the dangers of the novel coronavirus by pressuring them to disregard safety guidelines and forgo testing.

According to ESPN reporter Myron Medcalf, multiple CSU football players claim they were told to ignore potential coronavirus symptoms after a member of the coaching staff said they couldn’t “afford it” as a team. This reportedly led one player, who eventually tested positive, to continue exercising after developing a serious cough.

Positive coronavirus cases on the team eventually spiked over the last two weeks, and football workouts were suspended on July 29 after eight players were diagnosed with the virus, The Coloradoan reported.

Multiple players told the ESPN that Coach Steve Adazzio held a virtual meeting the day after and he allegedly told the team he would try to restart activities earlier than the 14-day quarantine recommended by the federal government

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