Here are 5 tips to stay safe at college during the pandemic.


Indiana University officials took the extraordinary step on Thursday of recommending that all Greek houses on its Bloomington campus be closed, citing an “increasingly alarming” rate of positive results during mitigation testing for COVID-19.

It’s not clear, however, if the sororities and fraternities on campus will comply. The Greek houses are owned and operated by outside landlords or parent organizations, meaning the university doesn’t actually have the authority to close them.

Instead, school officials are encouraging students in these houses to re-evaluate their living situations. The announcement was met with immediate pushback by governing organizations.

In a statement released Thursday, the IU Interfraternity Council, which represents 27 chapters on campus, 20 of which have housing, called the university’s recommendations “irrational and dangerous” and said officials are “telling a story of half-truths to demonize the Greek