Quarantine Rule a Costly Complication for College Students

As college students nationwide get ready to head back to school, places including New York, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. are recommending or requiring some out-of-state students self-quarantine before classes begin.

Some say it’s adding extra financial hardship, such as paying for a place to stay before classes begin, on top of an already uncertain academic year.

“I go to SUNY for a reason,” said Eunice Ledres. “I don’t have money to go to like a fancy school. So it has been really hard financially.”

She attends one of New York’s 28 state universities and doesn’t want to take all of her classes online.

Out-of-state and international enrollment has reportedly been on the rise for colleges nationwide. While states like Hawaii and Florida are offering academic exemptions to quarantining, the Empire State isn’t one of them.

Since Ledres is coming from Nevada, one of the more than 30 states currently on

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