How ‘Cosmo’ Beauty Director Julee Wilson Became a Leading Voice in Modern Media

“I acutely understand that beauty is so specific to different cultures and different backgrounds — that element of the storytelling is so exciting to me.”

Julee Wilson
Julee Wilson

In our long-running series “How I’m Making It,” we talk to people making a living in the fashion and beauty industries about how they broke in and found success.

Probably no one would tell you that leaping into a new job, with a new team, at a new company, amidst an unprecedented global pandemic is easy. And Julee Wilson, who did exactly that when she began her role as Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan in early April, doesn’t pretend her latest career move was a breeze. Known for her ability to keep things honest and real, both on her personal social channels and in her published work, Wilson calls the past several months a “wild ride,” crediting the supportive editorial team at Cosmo with

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