Kamala Harris Built a ‘Digital Army’

Illustration by Lyne Lucien/Getty
Illustration by Lyne Lucien/Getty

Three days after winning Sen. Kamala Harris’ endorsement for the Democratic presidential nomination, former vice president and future nominee Joe Biden had one request to make of his onetime rival: the support of her famous #KHive.

“All you need to do is ask!” Harris responded cheerily.

That moment, released in a campaign video posted in early March that smash-cuts to a series of clips of drumlines, marches, and supporters dressed in Harris’ signature campaign color palette, presaged the importance of Harris’ most vocal and demonstrative fans—the name is lifted from performing artist Beyoncé’s #BeyHive—in the months to come.

Now that Harris has joined the ticket, the California senator’s fanbase is newly invigorated—although as Biden seeks to unite the Democratic Party in the final months of the campaign, he may need to do more for their support than just ask for it.

“There was so much misinformation

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L.A. Times Festival Of Books Going Digital For Fall Event, Casting Wary Eye At Spring 2021

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, canceled from its usual spring slot by the pandemic, is going virtual for a fall event.

Originally set for April and then bumped to an anticipated Oct. 3-4 run, the event now will be held online instead of at the University of Southern California campus.

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The country’s largest book festival is now scheduled to start Oct. 18. It will continue over four weeks rather than its traditional two days, but will still have author panels, readings and other events.

The full programming schedule will be announced in mid-September.

“Over the years, festival-goers have listened to Eric Carle read about a ravenous caterpillar; the late Congressman John Lewis discuss his lifelong work for racial equality; Julie Andrews reminisce about the Swiss Alps; Luis J. Rodriguez wax poetic about life in Los Angeles; Viet Thanh Nguyen expound on reclaiming historical narratives; Padma

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Learn how to succeed in digital marketing with these online classes

Learn how to succeed in digital marketing with these online classes
Learn how to succeed in digital marketing with these online classes

TL;DR: Learn to build your online presence with the Complete Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Certification bundle for $34.99, a 97% savings as of Aug. 7.

Contrary to what it seems, digital marketing goes way beyond posting on Facebook and getting listed in Google. If you’re going to succeed as a marketer in 2020, knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads, and even SMS alerts should be on your résumé. These tools and techniques all help accomplish one common goal: being able to increase sales for your brand. If you’re committed to being at the top of your career game, the Complete Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Certification Bundle can get you up to speed and it will only cost you $34.99.

This nine-part course is taught by some of the best in the business. Entrepreneur and marketing innovator Benjamin

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Digital Identities: Technologies That Propel

In the latest webinar produced by WWD, “Digital Identities,” Robert Pernice, director of global market development, Beauty, Intelligent Labels at Avery Dennison, joined WWD executive editor Arthur Zaczkiewicz to discuss technologies that can help propel the success of beauty brands and retailers in these unprecedented times.

The goal of the webinar was to introduce a new concept for digital in a unique item-level digital identity that can drive retail and operation successes for beauty brands and retailers during and after COVID-19. “Digital has long been important for beauty,” said Pernice. “The most common applications are ones you’re familiar with that help people make shopping decisions. But purchases are also transacted through digital e-comm platforms, and the compelling influence of digital before COVID-19 has only been amplified by the pandemic.”

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Avery Dennison, the global material science company and technology leader, specializes in a wide variety of labeling and

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Get a primer in digital marketing skills with this online course

Get a primer in digital marketing skills with this online course
Get a primer in digital marketing skills with this online course

TL;DR: Learn to get more out of your social media accounts and make your content perform better on Instagram, Facebook, an dmore with The SEO and Social Media Ads Certification Bundle for $29.99, a 97% savings as of Aug 2.

Sure, you may know how to update your Facebook page, but do you know to craft an SEO strategy, perform SEO split testing, and run profitable Instagram ads? Didn’t think so.

The term “digital marketing” continues to grow more complex and analytical by the day, and if you want to land a career in the space, you’ve got to keep up.

SEO and social ads are some of the most profitable channels for digital marketers, and this six-hour training focuses on the key skills required for just $30. Here’s what’s covered:

Get an introduction to search engine optimization (SEO)

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UK study finds digital treatment for insomnia more effective than face-to-face therapy

An online self-help programme that helps people sleep better is more effective than face-to-face psychological therapy, a study involving over 7,000 NHS patients has found.

Sleepio, a six-week digital treatment for insomnia, helped 56% of users beat the condition, whereas the success rate in NHS Improving access to psychological therapy (Iapt) services is 50%.

The programme helped insomniacs gain almost six hours more sleep a week, reduced their use of sleeping pills, and cut the number of times they went to the GP or had to take a day off sick from work. It also helped reduce the anxiety and depression that lay behind many participants’ sleeplessness.

The findings have emerged from a study involving 7,078 patients in the Thames Valley, which was overseen by the Oxford academic health science network of doctors, scientists and academics.

“The experiment was a very big success. Using Sleepio had a significant impact”, said

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Campus Housing Owner Can Survive Digital Migration, Analysts Say

(Bloomberg) — Analysts expect American Campus Communities Inc. will still be able to attract students to off-campus housing even as pandemic fears prompt more U.S. universities to switch to online or hybrid classes.

“Kids want the college experience, and they don’t want to sit at home,” Piper Sandler analyst Alex Goldfarb said in an interview. “They want to be at school with their friends.”

The debate around how to structure higher education this fall is critical for American Campus, which runs housing properties on and near colleges. Goldman Sachs estimates that more than 45% of its revenue comes from universities in Texas, Arizona and Florida — which have all been recent hotspots for Covid-19.

Universities face immense pressure to reopen to offset the negative financial impact from missed tuition and sports revenue. As of July 19, more than half of U.S. colleges are still planning in-person classes for the fall

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A force for good or a digital witchhunt? The answer is complicated.

The latest celebrity to enter the social discourse surrounding online cancellation: Nick Cannon.

The comedian’s name trended on Twitter Wednesday after he was fired by ViacomCBS over “hateful speech.” The news added fuel to the debate over whether holding celebrities accountable for their opinions has gone too far.

Some argued that the host of “Wild ‘n Out,” which airs on VH1 and MTV, should be “canceled,” which often entails boycotting a famous person’s work. Others questioned: “What happened to Freedom of Speech?

Twitter has become a powerful court of public opinion and “cancel culture” plays a role. The phenomenon occurs when people get upset about something that a company or person has done or something they have said. It also can be divisive with opposers saying threats of cancellation stifles free speech.

It’s hard to deny that cancel culture has sparked important conversations and change—as when #Oscarssowhite trended

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