The biggest question facing college basketball heading into September: Will nonconference games be doable?

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College Basketball insiders give reason for optimism about a full basketball season

Eighty-three days remain until the scheduled start of the 2020-21 men’s college basketball season. 

Only 17 of Division I’s 357 programs have released a schedule. 

Charles Pipkins, who runs the D1 Docket website and Twitter account and diligently tracks the scheduling world of college hoops, told CBS Sports that in a normal year we’d be at or above 175 officially released schedules by now. This dawdling reveals what’s been assumed for months in college basketball circles: no one expects the season to start on time.

For some this has been a blessing.

“Nonconference scheduling has been easier this year than ever before because there’s the belief it’s not going to stay in its current form,” one mid-major coach told CBS Sports.

It’s been dreadful for others.

“[Our] schedule isn’t complete and anyone who

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