Scientists Extend Quantum States by 22 Milliseconds

  • An innovative protective noise field extends a qubit’s quantum state to 22 milliseconds.
  • With the state of a qubit 10,000 times longer than before, quantum computers could take another step toward feasibility.
  • Just 22 milliseconds is a virtual eternity for a qubit.

    Molecular engineers at the University of Chicago have found a way to extend the quantum state of a qubit to 22 milliseconds, representing a huge improvement and a window some say will make quantum computers far more feasible. The secret is an alternating magnetic field, which they say is scientifically “intricate” but easy to apply.

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    Working with qubits in solid silicon carbide, the scientists extended the time in quantum state of their qubit to 22 milliseconds, which sounds small to our slow human brains, but is almost an eternity for a qubit. In fact, the

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    TikTok grab could extend — or undermine — US online dominance

    A tie-up of TikTok with Microsoft could extend American dominance of the online and social media world. But it may have some unintended, negative consequences too for US firms and the open internet.

    The deal being negotiated with the administration of President Donald Trump would carve out parts of the popular video app for Microsoft, which would gain a foothold in the fast-growing, youth-focused social media environment and join the ranks of rivals like Facebook.

    Such a deal “would strengthen American preeminence in technology by moving a major consumer product from Chinese ownership,” said Darrell West, director of the center for technology innovation at the Brookings Institution. 

    “But it also could encourage data nationalism by fueling calls in many nations for local control over internet platforms and data storage within their own national borders.”

    Other analysts said the deal could have far-reaching effects for the idea of an open internet,

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