Wednesday morning news briefing: Universities demand extra cash

Students take part in a protest in Leeds yesterday despite the A-levels U-turn - Danny Lawson /PA
Students take part in a protest in Leeds yesterday despite the A-levels U-turn – Danny Lawson /PA

Universities ‘will struggle to cope’ with student influx

After the A-levels climbdown, universities have told the Government they will need more money if they are to take more students this year. Vice-chancellors met officials for talks last night, as they attempted to thrash out a deal to secure thousands of school leavers their first-choice university. They asked for “significant” financial support so they could “scale up” places this year and next. It comes as the official in charge of Ofqual is under threat of the sack in the wake of the exam grades fiasco. Sally Collier, the quango’s chief regulator and chief executive, has not spoken publicly since the humiliating U-turn in which its algorithm was ditched in favour of teachers’ grades. In today’s cartoon, Blower imagines a particularly chaotic episode of University

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Rush Limbaugh Gets Extra Weird, References Cannibalism In Coronavirus Rant

Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said cannibalism is just a way of adapting and that Americans had better adapt to the coronavirus. 

Limbaugh, who previously said the COVID-19 infection was just the common cold, called the response to the pandemic “un-American.” He also compared the situation to the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19, saying then-President Woodrow Wilson never mentioned it. 

“There was no national policy to deal with it,” Limbaugh said. “There was no shutdown, there was just, ‘Hey, go outside, get some fresh air, stand in the sun as long as you can, get some vitamin D, feel better.’”

Limbaugh didn’t mention that the pandemic killed 50 million people around the world, including 675,000 Americans, nor did he discuss the advances in science and medicine over the following century that inform today’s response. Instead, he said it was just one of the “things that happened to people

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