‘I feel left behind.’ How people with disabilities are coping with the pandemic

Giovana Izzo hasn’t seen her son, Antonio, since March.

For the past four months, Antonio Izzo, 25, has lived in a group home aroiund the clock. And his family is feeling the consequences of the separation, his mom said.

Before the pandemic, he’d spend every weekend back home with his parents and three younger siblings. They’d laugh at how he loved to sing in the shower and talk about the public transit system.

During the week for the past four years, Antonio, who has autism, lived at a group home in the Redland to gain independence.

But COVID-caused isolation has created loneliness in Antonio Izzo and the rest of his family. It’s just one of the many challenges that people with disabilities have faced during the pandemic.

Isolation and technology

Giovana Izzo, who lives near Brickell, said the hardest times are when she realizes her son feels abandoned.

“This is

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Teachers in coronavirus hotspots don’t know when they’ll feel safe returning to school

Empty Classroom In Elementary School.
Empty Classroom In Elementary School.

Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

  • Schools across the US are announcing revised plans for the beginning of this school year, including delayed starts and extended remote learning.

  • Though public health authorities have released guidelines for when and how schools can safely reopen, teachers have balked at the recommendations they consider unrealistic in classrooms with small children and limited resources. 

  • Several teachers in hard-hit states told Insider that despite ongoing discussions over modified classes to begin the fall semester, they’re still concerned about going back altogether while there are still surges in new coronavirus cases.

  • “I hate saying that but I totally am preparing to get sick,” Kristin Carpenter, a music teacher in Texas, said about getting the virus. “A part of me feels like let’s just get it over with. I totally don’t want it but that is where I am right now.”

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How to Make Your Home Feel Like Your Favorite Coffee Shop

When I have a project I really need to focus on, I head to a coffee shop—or used to, anyway. There was something about the sights, sounds and scent of these quaint places that helped me to be more productive. Yes, the caffeine helped (my go-to: an Americano with a splash of cream and cinnamon), but it’s not only the boost of espresso-fueled energy that helped me to get more work done in coffee shops. Science shows that novelty situations stimulate the brain: A change in atmosphere can signal an increase in productivity, creativity or inspiration.

While it’s not feasible for most of us to pack up our laptops and head to our favorite coffee shop to get work done right now, you can recreate some of the charm—and brain benefits—of them by incorporating these elements into your home office (or kitchen, or wherever you’re set up right now). As

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Team Trump Frantically Plots New Ways to Make Him Feel Good About Himself

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty

On Tuesday night, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro—whom Donald Trump affectionately calls “my Peter”—decided to dump gasoline on a simmering fire when he sent USA Today a statement that it published as an op-ed in which he slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci for standing in the way of “the president’s courageous decision” making on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having just downplayed the significance of anti-Fauci talking points that they themselves had sent to media outlets, members of the White House press office were left, once again, to repair the residual damage, insisting that the USA Today opinion piece didn’t go through the “normal White House clearance processes.”

But the fact that Navarro didn’t get official clearance for his statement was largely an irrelevant point. After all, he didn’t need it. According to three individuals familiar with the matter, in the past few months Trump

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