Why Nadia Rose put her ‘finger up’ to music bosses

Rose raps and sings over a mix of hip-hop, grime, drill and dancehall beats on her latest EP
Rose raps and sings over a mix of hip-hop, grime, drill and dancehall beats on her latest EP

When Nadia Rose and her “Skwod” of dancers descended on the streets of London in her Mobo Award-winning 2016 music video, it looked for all the world like one of the UK’s hottest new hip-hop/grime acts had arrived.

The south London rapper, who drew easy comparisons to her heroes Missy Elliot and Eminem, finished fifth on the BBC Sound of 2017 list; before her debut EP, Highly Flammable, introduced listeners to more of her wickedly funny wordplay.

But as the grime scene caught fire, hitting the mainstream, the heat around Rose’s career curiously cooled.

Now, several years on, as she returns with her “outlandish” follow-up EP, First Class – via her own new label, Qwerky Entertainment – the 27-year-old tells the BBC about the “incredibly frustrating” machinations of the music industry that

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