Unemployed Floridians face tough times in August without $600 weekly federal benefit

For the last four months, unemployed Floridians were handed a lifeline through the $600 weekly benefits doled out by the federal CARES Act.

The payments were a critical supplement to Florida’s standard benefits, which are among the stingiest in the nation. And the $9 billion in payments sent to Floridians was a major boost to the state’s fraying economy, which has been decimated by the pandemic.

No longer.

Because Congress failed to reach a deal before the $600 checks expired Friday, unemployed Floridians are going to have to live — at least for now — on payments of no more than $275 per week.

Nearly 900,000 Floridians applied for or received unemployment benefits during the most recent period. Nearly 600,000 Floridians are behind on their power bills. The only thing keeping many from being evicted from their homes is an executive order by Gov. Ron DeSantis — a short-term solution

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