Former Glossier Employees Demand Change With Letter Accusing Company Of Mistreatment

A group of former Glossier retail employees sent a letter to the beauty and skin care brand demanding “accountability” and “change” amid accusations that the company’s culture has been far from inclusive.

Over the weekend, “a collective of former Glossier retail employees” banded together to create a series of social media accounts called “Outta the Gloss,” a riff on Glossier’s blog, “Into the Gloss.” Additionally, they put together a Medium post outlining accusations against the company with anecdotes from employees’ time at the company.

Earlier this month, Glossier announced that it would be closing all of its physical stores and laying off its retail staff, who had been furloughed since June.

The open letter addressed “hostile” interactions retail employees allegedly experienced in the stores, the human resources department being a “dead-end resource,” “rat-infested” workspaces, an environment that touted “anti-Blackness,” and a “work culture that renders its broadest tier of employees

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