Should MBA Programs Make The GMAT & GRE Optional?

When the dean of the Darden School of Business was a senior in high school, he did what everyone who wanted to go to college has to do: He sat for the SAT exam. Scott Beardsley remembers it well. It was the start of the winter in Anchorage, Alaska, and he got through the math part of the exam and then fell sound asleep. “I drooled on the verbal answer sheet,” he recalls. “I got a very bad score on the English section because it was all blank. And I was one of the top students in the school. I often thought should your whole life be linked to a standardized test? In my case, it wasn’t.”

Beardsley would ultimately go onto Tufts University, join McKinsey & Co.  where over a 26-year career he would rise to the status of senior partner at a firm that puts nearly all of … Read More