Black students talk about experiencing racism in college Greek life

For some college students, participating in Greek life is seen as a way to form life-long friendships, but Kyla Brinkley said her sorority experience was tarnished by racism.

The 24-year-old from Johns Creek, Georgia, wasn’t surprised to find out she was the only Black member of her pledge class when she joined the Alpha Gamma Delta chapter at the University of Georgia in 2015 as a sophomore.

“Being at a predominantly white institution, I figured, ‘Why not participate in one of the main social lives?'” she told “Good Morning America.”

Brinkley said she had considered pledging a Black Greek Letter Organization, or BGLO, on campus, but the sorority she wanted to join was not active at the time.

Within 16 months, Brinkley had dropped out of the sorority after she said she experienced multiple racist incidents.

One of the first conflicts occurred when one of her roommates in the sorority … Read More