Race Is a Parenting Issue, Which Makes It Fair to Talk About in Online Parenting Groups

Across America, the issue of racism has come to the forefront of discourse in many different formats. If you are a parent and have social media, chances are you might be a member of an online parent group or forum. As a member of a few groups myself, it has become apparent to me that many administrators are grappling with how to address the Black Lives Matter movement and antiracist rhetoric.

Some admins in the groups I’m in have characterized the issue as political, calling it a topic too controversial to be discussed on their pages. This begs the question whether racism is a parenting issue or a political one. Discussion about the former is, of course, allowed in parenting groups. Discussion regarding the latter is usually banned – but I don’t think it should be.

By framing racism as a political issue and discouraging parents from discussing it, I

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Merced protest turns tense after opposite groups face-off near gas station

A Wednesday night protest in central Merced at the intersection of West Olive Avenue and R Street took a tense turn after two groups exchanged words in the area of the Chevron gas station.

Police said no injuries were reported and no arrests were made during the face-off between the opposing groups.

The local protest was one of a handful that have been held in reaction to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. He died May 25 in police custody after an officer pinned Floyd to the ground with a knee to the back of his neck. The incident was captured on video. There have been protests and demonstrations nationwide and globally.

Efforts by the Sun-Star to reach the owners of the Chevron on Thursday were unsuccessful.

Police stood to separate groups

A flier for Wednesday’s protest had a collage in the shape of a fist, containing the faces

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