For Latinos in the military, Vanessa Guillen’s death hit home. Now, they’re demanding change.

Army Staff Sgt. Raúl Rios folded a U.S. flag in the military’s symbolic triangle to honor slain Army Spec. Vanessa Guillen. He then posted video of the military funeral ritual on social media.

Pam Campos-Palma, a former Air Force counterterrorism intelligence analyst, collected more than 4,000 signatures from service women and veterans in an open letter demanding sweeping change in the military and the shutdown of Fort Hood, Texas, where Guillen served.

Queta Rodríguez, 49, a retired Marine active in the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in San Antonio, organized a rally demanding justice for Guillen.

Protests and activities that have erupted on behalf of Guillen and her family may seem to some as being motivated by contempt for the military. But there’s been a historic connection between Latinos in the military and calls for equity and civil rights.

The notion that the military could not protect Guillen

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