How Hama Beauty Uses Data for Product Recommendations

Tari Kandemiri used to shop in-store at beauty retailers such as Ulta and Sephora in search of products for hyperpigmentation. Despite her focused efforts, she often found herself overwhelmed.

“I’d read all the labels, read reviews while standing in the store, trying to find help, but it seemed like there were so many products and nowhere I could go that could synthesize all of that information for me,” Kandemiri told Beauty Inc on a recent phone call.

The 23-year-old, who studied computer science and business at Sewanee University, began to contemplate how platforms such as StitchFix employ data to offer personalized product recommendations to consumers. That led her to build Hama Beauty, an online platform that uses more than 500,000 data points and a patented algorithm, developed by Kandemiri, to recommend beauty products to users.

Hama, which means “family and friends” in Kandemiri’s native Shona language, has drawn thousands of

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