Meet Hannah Bryan, AKA NoisyButters, the 24-year-old gaming superstar

24-year-old Hannah Bryan — known online to her 500,000 YouTube subscribers and 80,000 Twitch followers as NoisyButters — thinks it’s funny to look at her success as an online creator and gamer, and then compare it to how her dad used to yell at her to turn off the Xbox late at night.

“I’d say, ‘No Dad, you don’t get it! I’m really good at this, one day it’s going to be my job!'” Bryan told In The Know. “And he said, ‘Haha! Sure it is.'”

Twitch is an online streaming platform where people like Bryan can record themselves playing video games. “It’s real time, you talk to them in a chat and you play games with them,” she said. Gamers can make money off of Twitch, depending on their viewership, subscriber numbers and donations. 

In 2019 Twitch had 3.7 million monthly streamers, 1.2 million average concurrent viewers and had

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