Daniel Dae Kim just raised $55,000 for James Hong’s Hollywood star. Now it gets harder

Actor Daniel Dae Kim has raised $55,000 to get actor-director James Hong a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. <span class="copyright">(Jeff Chiu / Associated Press, left; Amanda Edwards / Getty Images)</span>
Actor Daniel Dae Kim has raised $55,000 to get actor-director James Hong a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Jeff Chiu / Associated Press, left; Amanda Edwards / Getty Images)

It took Daniel Dae Kim only four days to raise enough money to put veteran performer James Hong’s name on the celestial sidewalks of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. But getting the star itself is going to take a lot longer.

“We don’t take petitions,” said Ana Martinez, a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which administers and maintains the stars. “We take applications.”

Kim’s effort, if successful, would immortalize Hong’s name among the Hollywood greats who have already received stars, including fellow actors of Asian descent such as Anna May Wong, Mako, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu.

Inspired by a recent CNN profile of the 91-year-old Chinese American actor, “Lost” and “Hawaii Five-0” alumnus Kim launched

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Portland protesters push back harder against Trump, federal agents

PORTLAND, Ore. — Najee Gow paced the street Tuesday in front of the graffiti-covered federal courthouse, a megaphone at his lips.

“Feds go home! Feds go home! Get out of our city!” the 22-year-old man shouted. “This is not a dictatorship! This is a democracy!”

Gow was putting words to a wave of growing anger and resentment in Portland after President Donald Trump suddenly deployed more than 100 federal law enforcement agents last week to the liberal city he has repeatedly criticized.

Critics said the president is testing out heavy-handed enforcement in Portland, a largely white city known as one of the most progressive in the nation, before moving on to more diverse cities. They also accused the president of creating more conflict amid ongoing national protests over racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans.

“My sense is they chose Portland because if they had rolled this out in,

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Will women have to work harder after the pandemic?

Like many successful career women, Simone Ramos feels she’s had to work harder than any man to get to the top.

A high-flying executive and risk manager for global insurance group THB in Sao Paulo, Ms Ramos says being a female leader in a male-dominated industry has forced her “to be stronger and rise above myself every day”.

“Very early on in my career I realised I needed to leave the office later, I needed to study more, I needed to prove myself three times more than any man,” she says.

Ms Ramos is also an adviser for the Brazilian association of women in the insurance market and has an upcoming book on the subject planned for October. She tells younger women they can reach the top with “focus, determination and clear goals”.

But like other experts, she is concerned about the extra pressures being put on women’s careers during

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