‘Hated woman of color’ and ‘white Jewish guys’ in race for clerk

Brenda Forman got one thing right. She married well, politically speaking.

When the former Brenda Dixon married Howard Forman, her predecessor as Broward’s elected court clerk, she took a name that was magic with county voters since the 1970s. If you had to choose one name that has been synonymous with Broward politics for more than a generation, that name is Forman. It’s easy to say, easy to remember, and sounds Jewish, when that mattered more than it does now.

A liberal Democrat with a big heart and a knack for remembering names, Howard Forman won countywide seven times, three times as county commissioner and four as clerk, once unopposed and all in high-turnout presidential years. He also served 12 years in the Florida Senate.

The consummate career politician, he was never grazed by scandal. It didn’t hurt that he shared a last name (no relation) with another Forman, the

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