Here’s Why Yunji Stock Popped and Dropped Today

What happened

Shares of Chinese e-commerce company Yunji (NASDAQ:YJ) soared in early trading on Wednesday, after the company highlighted sales figures from a recent live-stream event. As of 10:30 a.m. EDT, Yunji stock was up only 3%, but it had been up 18% earlier in the session.

So what

According to a press release from Yunji, it held a live-stream sales event on a platform called Douyin — owned by TikTok’s parent company, Bytedance. During the event, Yunji’s CEO highlighted over 40 different products in various categories. And Chinese consumers apparently liked what they saw. The company generated gross merchandise volume (GMV) of RMB 87.5 million from the event.

An investor takes notes while watching a stock chart displayed on a computer screen.

Image source: Getty Images.

This is roughly equivalent to $12.9 million. For perspective, Yunji’s GMV for the second quarter of 2020 was about $1.1 billion. So while the live-stream event did produce sales, it’s a relatively small figure for the company.

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Many Schools Are Using a Hybrid Learning Model This Year; Here’s What Parents Should Know

going back to school in the traditional sense may be entirely off the table. And regardless of how old your children are, navigating these uncertain times have proven to be a hellish nightmare we wish we could wake up from challenging to say the least. While some families are setting up “pandemic pods” – where a small group of students of similar ages and abilities gathers at one family’s home to learn from a teacher – others are working with their local districts using a hybrid learning model.” data-reactid=”19″Depending on what part of the US you live in, going back to school in the traditional sense may be entirely off the table. And regardless of how old your children are, navigating these uncertain times have proven to be a hellish nightmare we wish we could wake up from challenging to say the least. While some families are

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Here’s how Lysol Disinfectant Spray actually works, and where you can possibly still find it

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Since the onset of the global pandemic, household cleaners and disinfectants have been hard to find. In particular, Lysol disinfectant has been out of stock online and in stores since nearly March. However, it’s not only because it’s a well-known brand name — there’s more to why Lysol Disinfectant Spray is at the top of everyone’s list for preventing the spread of germs.

Lysol has been tested and approved by the EPA for fighting COVID-19

On July 6, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it approved two products, Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max, based on laboratory testing that proved the products are effective against the

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Product photography is a make-or-break decision for any company. Here’s how to get it right

TLDR: In the Master Product Photography Course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to capture stellar product images and start building a career as a professional photographer.

Photography comes in many shapes and sizes. And while you may instinctively think of a professional photographer as someone who captures nature or news or portraits, the reality is usually much more mundane.

In fact, the lifeblood of a photography studio is often in product photography. It isn’t hard to understand why. According to Justuno, 93 percent of online consumers consider a product image as the key deciding factor in their buying decision.

Clean, effective product shots are the bedrock of any sales campaign. Understanding what it takes to capture the best possible image of a new makeup product or a book or a cheeseburger can make you an in-demand professional photographer. With the training in the Master Product Photography Course

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Joe Biden decided he didn’t have to choose a leftwing progressive. Here’s why

<span>Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP</span>
Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP

In one of the least surprising moments of what has so far been an uncommonly anticlimactic race, Joe Biden on Wednesday did what everyone was already expecting him to do: he chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The pick comes on the heels of a slew of leaks and on- and off-the-record comments from Biden allies wishing to trash Harris and downplay her chances in the press. Florida Democratic donor John Morgan lamented to CNBC that Harris “would be running for president the day of the inauguration.” Former Senator Chris Dodd complained that Harris showed “no remorse” after attacking Biden based on his racial justice record. In retrospect, these comments in the media read less like realistic dispatches from within the VP vetting process than attempts to influence it from the outside, perhaps from Biden allies still angry at Harris over the primary. That

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Aced your A-levels? Here’s how to upgrade your university place

how to upgrade your university place - David Rose
how to upgrade your university place – David Rose

For some lucky students – despite the national concern over algorithmic A-level results – tomorrow will be the happiest day of their lives so far. 

These are the cohort who have exceeded their expectations and scored higher grades than expected. This may not mean a bevy of A stars – but a couple of Bs where Cs had been threatened or Cs that had blossomed from predicted Ds.

Naturally, this opens up extra choices both in terms of courses as well as colleges. So what are your options in this cheering dilemma?

Stick to the place originally offered

You could frame your certificates, confirm the place you planned – and chill out.  You wouldn’t be alone. Most people stick with the original place that they have, says James Durant of UCAS. “One of the main reasons for that is that they

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Florida voters have to fill dozens of judgeships. Here’s how people in the know make their picks.

Bailey, Logan and Odom sounds as if it might be the name of a prestigious law firm — or the kind that runs TV ads urging people to file lawsuits.

It’s neither one. Dennis Daniel Bailey, Abbe Sheila Rifkin Logan and George Odom Jr. are all candidates running for one circuit judgeship in Broward County.

Like the other 10 races for judge in Broward and Palm Beach counties, voting is open to everyone, regardless of party affiliation, in the Aug. 18 elections.

For the vast majority of voters it’s exceedingly difficult to make an informed decision.

“It’s very difficult,” said Steve Geller — who knows many of the judges and candidates after 38 years practicing law. He’s also a Broward County commissioner and former Florida Senate Democratic leader.

Fred Hadley, who interviews candidates and publishes endorsements in the Village Sentry, his 1,300-subscriber newsletter in the Century Village condominium community west

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Here’s how colleges across Chicago are preparing for the school year

Large lecture halls, packed libraries and bustling dining halls won’t be the reality this year for local colleges. Instead, many facilities will be closed or reorganized to encourage social distancing.

Schools such as DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago all have extensive pages dedicated to various aspects of campus life and how it will be different. For students who are still heading to campus, here’s a general breakdown of what you can expect.

Residential life

Students heading to campus this fall won’t be in bunk beds with roommates. Students won’t be required to live on campus. DePaul is closing dorms that offer double, triple or quad-style living and communal bathrooms. At Northwestern University, there will still be community bathrooms, but there will be fewer students assigned to each one, and the facilities will be cleaned more often than in the past.

Depending on how

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I’m a 19-year-old TikTok influencer. Here’s how I turned social media into a job

Parker James, 19, is a social media creator based in Dallas, Texas, who has made a name for himself on TikTok through his family-friendly comedic character “StEvEn.” His character is the endearing and curious CEO of the Dino Club, a fictitious club he created for dinosaur lovers. Below James shares in his own words how he went from being an average high schooler to a TikTok powerhouse with over 6 million followers, a talent agent and making a living from creating videos.

I’ve always enjoyed making others happy.

When I was younger, I started making funny videos in hopes of making my friends and family laugh. Their reactions always made me so proud and motivated me to continue to come up with new jokes and skits.

However, as I grew older I got more into sports than my previous comedy passions. Unfortunately, while trying out a new trick on my

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Here’s what you need to know about unemployment benefits eligibility

Some of the requirements for unemployment insurance have changed and the more than 30 million Americans receiving benefits will have to check more boxes to stay eligible.

When applying for unemployment benefits you have to file a claim with your state’s unemployment insurance program as soon as possible after losing your job or getting hours cut.

Many Americans who are ineligible for unemployment insurance (UI) may qualify for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) that covers self-employed individuals, contractors, and others and is available until the end of January 2021.

Employment insurance claims in Canada during the Coronavirus pandemic
Employment insurance claims in Canada during the Coronavirus pandemic

What are the requirements for UI?

The first requirement is that you should have lost your job through no fault of your own and you lost your job because of a lack of available work.

The second requirement is to meet the criteria for wages earned or time worked. In most states,

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