A beginner’s guide to the AI apocalypse: Humanity joins the hivemind

Welcome to the latest article in TNW’s guide to the AI apocalypse. In this series we’ll examine some of the most popular doomsday scenarios prognosticated by modern AI experts.

It’s pretty easy to think up new ways for robots to destroy us. We’re pretty squishy. But what if AI doesn’t want us dead? Maybe our future overlords will see our weaknesses and, in their infinite benevolence, choose to upgrade us. Perhaps humanity goes extinct through evolution instead of extermination.

Welcome to the hivemind. Your every thought is also everyone else’s every thought. You share a single intellect with the entire world. There’s no difference between you, the other people on the planet, a ‘smart’ garage door-opener, and the computers that control us all. You exist as an extension of the all, one tiny but important piece of a greater being – you’re kind of like a toenail cell

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