Joe Biden, aging Democratic lion and presidential hopeful

Joe Biden, scarred by tragedy and in the twilight of a long career, is finally being elevated as the Democratic presidential nominee, betting he can win over Americans tired of his polar opposite: Donald Trump.

If Trump brought brash and bombast to the White House, wrecking everything from convention to international treaties along the way, Biden offers reassurance: a self-proclaimed unifier with blue-collar roots and a personal rapport with voters.

With his white hair, engaging smile and air of a longtime senator, he is the avuncular figure calming a nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

While Trump derides the 77-year-old Washington insider as “Sleepy Joe,” Biden wagers that after the Republican’s turbulent reign, Americans wouldn’t mind some rest after all.

Trump succinctly summarizes his own politics as “winning, winning, winning.”

Biden, who rides into the Democratic National Convention beginning Monday with newly-announced running mate Kamala Harris, claims to

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