Google’s Search Dominance Deserves Hot-Seat Scrutiny

(Bloomberg Opinion) — The main event has arrived. On Wednesday, and for the first time as a group, the CEOs of four of the biggest technology companies — Inc., Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc. —  will go before a U.S. House subcommittee to address allegations of monopolistic practices and abusing the power of their platforms to crush or stifle competitors. 

Each of the giants is vulnerable in its own way. Apple, for instance, has come under increasing scrutiny for the onerous terms of its App Store, which has become a crucial gateway for developers to reach smartphone users; look for CEO Tim Cook to defend the company’s fee structure and its requirements to use Apple’s payment system. Count on Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to extol the benefits of its vast e-commerce operations amid a pandemic as he faces questions on whether the company has used 

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