Ryan Reynolds Responds To ‘Frenemy’ Hugh Jackman’s Emmy Nomination In The Best Way


Updated 29/07/20: Ryan Reynolds has semi-congratulated his ‘frenemy’ Hugh Jackman following his 2020 Emmy award nomination.

On Tuesday July 28, the Greatest Showman actor received a nomination for his role in HBO’s Bad Education and Reynolds celebrated his pal’s industry recognition by sending him a video.

‘Buddy! Congratulations,’ Reynolds says in the clip. ‘You just got an Emmy nomination, that’s crazy. Not ‘cause you don’t deserve it but…well?’

Jackman shared the video of Reynolds on his Twitter account, adding that the father-of-three looked ‘a bit green’, presumably with envy.

Hours prior, Jackman masterfully took the opportunity to make a dig at Reynolds after news of his nomination broke.

‘It’s a good way to wake up! I feel really good,’ the actor told E! News following the nomination. ‘I’m thrilled the film got nominated. Good day in our house.

‘Lots of texts from everyone I know, nothing from

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