16 income boosters if you’re short on cash this month

Whether you’re struggling to make rent or just saving up for a new phone, extra money in your pocket during the pandemic is always a good thing.

Millions of Americans are feeling the pinch these days, especially now that the $600 bonus unemployment benefits are over and the pause on evictions ended on July 31.

There are a lot of lists online that claim to have the answers to your money woes, but it’s hard to tell which methods really work and which ones are scams.

To make things easier, we checked out a bunch of offers and put together this list of 17 legit ways you can give your bank balance a boost when times are tough.

1. Check if you’ve got any unclaimed money kicking around

It’s possible that you have unclaimed money just sitting in an old account — seriously, it happens a lot. In fact, Americans

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