Justin Verlander to undergo Tommy John surgery, but vows that his career isn’t done

DETROIT — Justin Verlander, who made only one start this season before being shut down due to an injury, will undergo Tommy John elbow surgery and likely miss the entire 2021 season.

The former Detroit Tigers starting pitcher made the announcement on his Instagram page.

Verlander, 37, spent 13 years with the Tigers before being traded to the Houston Astros. He helped his new club win the World Series with a dominating September and October performance.

Verlander won the American League Cy Young Award in 2019 after finishing as runner-up in 2018. He signed a two-year, $66 million extension with the Astros last year that carries him through the 2021 season.

Here’s what he wrote on his Instagram page:

After consulting with several of the best doctors, it has become clear that I need Tommy John surgery. I was hopeful that I would be able to return to competition in

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Trying to Make It Big Online? Getting Signed Isn’t Everything

Tianna Singer, a TIkTok influencer, in Los Angeles, Aug. 12, 2020. (Rozette Rago/The New York Times)
Tianna Singer, a TIkTok influencer, in Los Angeles, Aug. 12, 2020. (Rozette Rago/The New York Times)

This spring, Marcus Olin moved into a sprawling mansion in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles with seven other TikTok creators. His bedroom overlooked downtown Los Angeles, and waking up to the view every morning felt like a dream.

“I was like, ‘Man, that’s my city,’” Olin, 21, said. “I felt like I owned it.”

The Kids Next Door, as Olin and his housemates are known, is one of many influencer collab houses that have formed in Los Angeles over the last year. Several of them have leases that are signed or co-signed by talent management companies.

In the case of the Kids Next Door house, that leaseholder was Ariadna Jacob, the founder and chief executive of a talent management firm called Influences.

The deal was this: Jacob agreed to pay about half

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“Revenge Porn” Isn’t Real

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

I can’t have a discussion of sexual assault and the battle for our safety without talking about the latest war zone: the internet.

My abusive relationship crept out of my home and into the public eye via cyber exploitation—a violation experienced by many thousands of American women each year. The phrase we most use to describe this type of abuse, revenge porn, encapsulates our terrible inability to understand it for what it is. Cyber exploitation is not porn; it’s not consensual or produced for public entertainment. It’s not revenge either, since that implies that it’s been disseminated for some righteous reason—because the victim has actually done something deserving retribution. Revenge porn sounds like something we should leer at, and the phrase itself is not okay.

Millions of people witnessed what happened to me—nude photos were released by conservative media outlets, facilitated by my

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Paula Abdul’s Arthritis Isn’t Holding Her Back During Quarantine

Photo credit: Image Group LA
Photo credit: Image Group LA

From Woman’s Day

Singer, dancer, and pop icon Paula Abdul will be the first to tell you that she was never going to let her arthritis diagnosis stop her from dancing. “I didn’t want to let the joint pain stop me from doing what I love to do,” Abdul tells Woman’s Day. “That in itself is more painful than the physical pain.”

A decades-long dance career riddled with injuries has left Abdul, for better or worse, with a pretty high pain tolerance. But since her osteoarthritis diagnosis five years ago, she’s realized it’s time to start listening to her body. “I was like a warrior for many years going through the pain I had, but today it’s manageable,” she says. “A lot of people aren’t in tune with their body. Your body is telling you I’m hurting, so you have to be mindful of

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My daughter isn’t going back to college. I am relieved and heartbroken

 <span class="copyright">(Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)</span>
(Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

My elder daughter recently decided she would not return to her college campus for the fall semester, and I am equal parts relieved and deeply sad.

Relieved because I think it is the wisest choice and deeply sad because, while certainly not a tragedy in the larger landscape of a pandemic, it is a blow nonetheless and one that my husband and I could do nothing to prevent.

Compared with the horrendous loss of life, employment, homes and physical and mental well-being experienced by so many this year, surrendering a semester of on-campus college life seems of little consequence. But for those involved, the cancellation or radical curtailment of life-marking events and transitions — graduation ceremonies, weddings, christenings, birthday parties and even funerals — matters a lot, as millions now know.

For parents, it is a brutal reality check. There are, as it turns

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Lakers learning life in the NBA bubble isn’t just Cancun Coladas and pool parties

Lakers center Dwight Howard's first Saturday night back in Orlando was a rather solitary affair. <span class="copyright">(David Zalubowski / Associated Press)</span>
Lakers center Dwight Howard’s first Saturday night back in Orlando was a rather solitary affair. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press)

Dwight Howard roamed around the Mayan-themed pool of a resort at Walt Disney World, while the sound system thumped around him in the dark. It was Saturday night in the NBA bubble and the league had arranged a bit of a party for its players on their first weekend there.

“Welcome back to Orlando,” said one woman, a hotel employee. Howard, who started his career as a top draft pick by the Orlando Magic, thanked her, broadcasting the interaction on Instagram.

He walked over to the bar, where bartenders clad with face masks waited to serve. After some thought, Howard ordered a drink called a Cancun Colada then said he’d return once it was ready. No need. The drink was ready immediately.

“Dwight told me he was the only one

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