The Porn World Exposes Mia Khalifa

via Instagram
via Instagram

After a three-month stint in porn, Mia Khalifa called it quits. Given her limited experience in porn, with only a dozen scenes to her credit, disappearing back into civilian life was a reasonable expectation—or would have been, if the Lebanese-born star hadn’t become a global sensation at 21 years old for wearing a hijab in a XXX scene. Singled out by Islamic extremists, Khalifa received death threats and could no longer travel to certain countries safely but shrewdly used that same notoriety catapult herself into the top-tier of porn, achieving a level of status and recognition most women spend years of hard work and hundreds of scenes to get to.

According to Khalifa, the notoriety limited her traditional workplace options, ultimately forcing her back into becoming Mia Khalifa.

“A lot of people in the industry are vehemently angry with her for making all this money off the

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