Parents of college kids won’t stop having ‘the talk’ about Covid-19 protocol

Lourdes Pelaez-Kingery was recovering from appendix surgery when she got the phone call that parents of college-age kids have come to dread in this time of coronavirus: Her daughter tearfully explained that she had moved out of her dorm at Texas A&M University-San Antonio days earlier after her suitemates threw a party and 14 unmasked friends showed up.

a group of people walking in front of a building: The campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, was nearly empty on May 7 as classes were canceled due to the pandemic. Fall semester classes are currently online only.

© Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
The campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, was nearly empty on May 7 as classes were canceled due to the pandemic. Fall semester classes are currently online only.

“She told me she had moved off-campus to family friends of ours and then begged me to let her come home,” said Pelaez-Kingery, a health care worker who lives in League City, Texas. “Because of my job and her dad’s — he’s a critical care nurse — she knew there was no way she could come home if she

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De Blasio Failed New York Kids

Alternatively, he could have decided weeks, if not months ago to start the school year completely remote and announced that the city would gradually move toward in-person learning if conditions allowed for it.

But the mayor chose neither of those paths. He set deadlines that he refused to put in the work to meet, sowing chaos and ongoing frustration for families and teachers alike. How on Earth did he not foresee a staffing shortage? De Blasio has failed our kids and is teaching them a lesson about political leadership that I hope they never forget.

Our children have endured six months of hardship and fear and Zoom calls and canceled plans, and far too many have lost loved ones to this virus. The start of school, though, was a bright spot on the horizon for my family and so many others.

But even as I told my children that September

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An education app made by kids for kids

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Young app designers have developed an education app

Lockdown saw lots of people doing all sorts of new things.

A team of young business minded children, turned their attention to creating an app! made by HOPE is an app developed by children for children, with the aim to bring education to all.

Coronavirus and home schooling, sparked a light blub moment for these young people who saw they could bring the classroom to everyone.

What is

hope-3g-logoHOPE3G.COM Facebook

This is an educational app that aims to give people the equal right to an education.

In some places around the world education is not compulsory or accessible and this app has been designed to make education accessible for anyone who wants it.

Its free to download and free to use but that’s

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Khan Academy founder’s tips for educating kids in pandemic

Sal Khan’s first inkling that COVID-19 was going to disrupt education around the world came in February, when the popular online learning platform he created saw a surge in traffic from South Korea. 

“We got a letter from a teacher who was saying how they were using Khan Academy to keep the kids learning during school closure,” he told AFP from San Francisco, saying he soon realized the vital role his organization could play in the pandemic.

The idea for Khan Academy began in 2004 when Khan, then a hedge fund manager, started giving math lessons to his 12-year-old cousin who lived on the other side of the United States, using Yahoo Doodle. 

Since that time, it has become one of the world’s leading internet education sites, available in 46 languages with a user base of 100 million, for whom it is completely free, thanks to the support of the

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Kerry Washington Talks Four Emmy Nominations, ‘The Prom’ and Why Olivia Pope Never Had Kids (Watch)

Kerry Washington could not help but remember filming “Scandal” while she was pregnant. “It’s impossible to not worry about the Black men in my life out in the world. My cousins, my dad, my husband. That is the reality of loving a Black person in America, is you open yourself up to the vulnerability of the danger that Black people face every day,” Washington says on Tuesday’s episode of the Variety and iHeart podcast “The Big Ticket.” “I think a lot about it because I remember begging Shonda [Rhimes] when I was pregnant, ‘couldn’t Olivia Pope be pregnant?’ Because I was like, ‘How are we going to hide this person inside me? I don’t even know how to do the Olivia Pope walk with a human being inside of me.’ And she was adamant that Olivia Pope was not going to have children.”” data-reactid=”19″As the Black Lives Matter

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Parents are going into debt to pay for kids’ breakfasts, lunches

Switching from in-person to online schooling has been hard on many families – and on their budgets.

About one-quarter of parents say they’ve gone into debt to pay for their kids’ at-home school expenses, with a large share blaming the cost of paying for their kids’ breakfasts and lunches when they switched to learning remotely from home.

new survey from Credit Karma, which wanted to examine how this school year could affect household finances. More than half of parents say they expect to spend slightly to significantly more on school supplies this year, the survey of more than 1,000 parents found.” data-reactid=”13″That’s according to a new survey from Credit Karma, which wanted to examine how this school year could affect household finances. More than half of parents say they expect to spend slightly to significantly more on school supplies this year, the survey of more than 1,000 parents

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Nordstrom Enlists Help of Olympian Gabby Douglas to Donate 35,000 Shoes to Kids in Need + More

Aug. 17, 2020: Nordstrom is joining forces with nonprofit Shoes That Fit for the 10th year in a row to provide new sneakers to children in need in local communities. This year, the department store has enlisted the help of Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas to encourage people to help the retailer donate more than 35,000 shoes. Starting today through Oct. 4, customers can purchase $10 giving cards in all Nordstrom stores or make a donation online. “At Nordstrom, we are committed to making a difference in our communities,” said chief marketing officer Scott Meden. “Each pair of shoes donated represents a child with more confidence, hope, self-esteem and joy.” Since 2010, Nordstrom has raised nearly $4 million to give 200,000 kids a new pair of shoes. According to the company, these sneakers have been delivered at schools across the United States, all of which have a high percentage of

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Parents form pandemic pods to educate kids. Let’s build a better alternative.

I saw a Tesla with #BlackLivesMatter written on the rear windshield the other day. It appeared to be a parent picking up their kid from a “pandemic pod,” which, if you’re not familiar, is a small cluster of families who pool resources to hire a private tutor, who may be a parent. These pods are very popular among my neighbors in the Bay Area of California. Nearby I could see a YMCA, which provides child care and after-school programming. It shut down due to COVID-19.

I’m not the first to point out that pods are emblematic of educational inequity in the United States. It’s a winner-take-all approach, with privileged, often mostly white students hoarding academic and social gains and further segregating our K-12 systems. This hypocrisy is why pod parents make me so angry. If Black lives matter, doesn’t that include Black children? What about Black futures?

Pods don’t just

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The Best Back-to-School Tech Your Kids Need This Semester

Photo credit: Staff
Photo credit: Staff

From Popular Mechanics

For many families, the prospect of going back to school is still up in the air. Even if schools do open up again, some of us are still opting to keep our kids at home. But just because it may be the safest option does not mean that it is the easiest. Whether your school district is going back in-person, virtually, or a combination of the two, your kid or teenager could probably use their own new tech, like a laptop or tablet, headphones, and more—not only to set them up for success, but also to make life a little easier on all the parents out there.

Check out the quick reviews below of the best tech for kids, or scroll deeper for full reviews of those models plus other high-ranking options.

How We Selected This Tech

We researched 10 expert sources, such as

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12 fun kids’ face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic

 <span class="copyright">(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)</span>
(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)

With in-person school just starting for many children, face masks have become the new backpacks in terms of being necessities for at least 2020 and 2021. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children 2 and older “wear masks in public and when around people who don’t live in your household.”

As the world adjusts to life in the age of COVID-19, it’s safe to say many parents are probably adding fashionable face masks to their children’s back-to-school shopping lists. Although students in Los Angeles may be confined to online learning, kids in other states are returning to the classroom, for which the CDC also states, “Appropriate and consistent use of cloth face coverings is most important when students, teachers and staff are indoors and when social distancing of at least 6 feet is difficult to implement or maintain.”

We’ve rounded up

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