Scott Kingery hits first career walk-off homer after a month of struggles

Zach Eflin came through huge for his manager in the Phillies’  4-1 win over the Atlanta Braves on Saturday.

Then he threw him under the bus. So to speak.

Joe Girardi, like many managers, will have a team meeting now and then, you know, when he feels like his players need to hear something, be it soothing or tough, as a group.

But Girardi isn’t one to talk about those team powwows. He considers them private and doesn’t believe they need to be written about or talked about by nosy reporters. When Girardi has a team meeting, he won’t confirm it or acknowledge it, much less offer insights about what went on behind closed doors.

The Phillies won their fifth straight game behind Eflin’s seven innings of one-run ball and Rhys Hoskins’ three-run homer Saturday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park.

The winning streak, which has put the Phillies at the

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